Who wins the bet Organic Search or Paid Search?

In the search results, you get two types of information – organic search and paid search results.  While both are a cut throat competition to each other, it is up to the users to decide what works best for them.

Organic Results:

One of the greatest positives of organic search results is that it is considered to be reliable internet searchers. Any given day people would prefer rather going for the links that are showing up on the Search Engine Results Page without the Ads tab.

The searchers know one thing for sure only those links that are genuine can come up on the organic search results because the search engines have authority on what kind of results show up and that the links have to pass the authentic tests of search engines.

Only a major disadvantage in case of organic search result is that if you don’t know the methods of healthy SEO, your website can land into serious trouble with search engines. Genuine intentions have to correlate with a very good website. It is imperative that the website has to be optimized correctly so that the search engines can give your website on result page.

Paid Results:

The apparent disadvantage is that you have to dole out your pockets and invest into paid ads. Ads show up as a separate segment on the search engine result page separating them from the organic search results.

The way you are charged per click depends upon your market and preferred ranking. The advantage of having a paid ad is that you have complete control over the terms of your website. This is useful specifically when you don’t know which keywords are going to yield you more business.

The right kind of service for your website depends on particular needs. Most websites benefit from utilizing a combination of these two approaches. An instant marketing strategy can be done through PPC while for a long term advantage organic yields better – choice is yours!

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